The Ultimate Wearable Personal Hydration Coach with App-Measured Analysis 

Geca™ measures your hydration levels in real-time. 

On-sensor indicators and in-App notifications with personalized recommendations help keep you optimally hydrated throughout your day. 

You will feel great and be ready to accomplish your goals!

Enhance Your Health, Unleash Your Potential With Geca™

Busy professional struggling with headaches and brain fog?

Athlete looking to boost performance?

Struggling to maintain proper hydration due to a chronic health condition?

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Take Control Of Your Hydration Health With Geca™ Hydration Sensor

Proper hydration benefits many aspects of your health including:

  • improved sleep
  • better mood
  • better focus
  • increased muscle strength
  • more hydrated skin
  • boosts immune system
  • aging well

We believe proper hydration is a fundamental measure of health.

Build Better Hydration Habits In 3 Simple Steps


Connect Geca™ sensor to mobile App.


Complete user profile and calibration sessions.


Use personalized recommendations for fluid intake to keep you optimally hydrated.

Get An Exclusive 40% Discount

We're Launching Soon. Get an exclusive discount by signing up now!

Tested and Validated Technology 

Geca’s validated learning algorithms take your unique hydration needs to give you personalized recommendations. 

We have been developing our technology for 5 years:

  • received 3 US patents
  • funded by National Institute of Health and US Air Force 
  • tested our sensors in the US, Japan, Korea, and India

Picture from our pilot test in 2021

Developed By Diverse Ph.D. Scientists For Diverse Populations

Traditional optical sensors have difficulty giving accurate data on people with darker skin tones and higher BMIs

Geca™ Sensor was designed by a diverse team of PhD scientists and technologists with health equity in mind, from the very start.